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4 Ways Your Contact Center Software is Undermining Superior Service

Antiquated systems can limit productivity, efficiency, and client satisfaction

A contact center’s purpose is to deliver quick and efficient service. Doing so provides a stellar customer experience that allows the business to retain and recruit loyal customers. But when your contact center software is aging and siloed, delivering a competitive customer experience becomes difficult and complicated. 

Contact center managers and operating officers face antiquated systems and bolted-on solutions that are inefficient and add complexity to delivering superior customer service. These inefficiencies can have real downstream consequences to not only the contact center’s business but the clients and end-users. To deliver the very best user experience that results in positive business outcomes, contact center managers must find a superior solution to integrate systems, run efficiently, and deliver accurate analytics. When a contact center runs efficiently, the end-user wins.

How do I know when to upgrade my contact center software solution?

Aging contact center software can be a liability for the business, which is why an integrated, efficient system is crucial for a superior customer experience. If you find your contact center employees complaining about technical issues which have led to poor CSAT scores, you are likely due for an upgrade.


1. Siloed systems impact productivity and efficiency


Today’s contact centers need seamless integration between CCaaS and other systems. When these systems are integrated, delivering an enhanced customer experience becomes an easy task. No more switching back and forth between programs, wasting valuable time that could be used serving customers. Access to key analytics, reports, and trends should be available with one click. 

Can you imagine a day at work without multiple screens open? The amount of time that contact center employees spend between programs is one of their top complaints. Seamlessly integrated solutions provide the agents with everything they need in a single, unified desktop. 


2. Delayed implementation causes inaccuracies and frustration


Launching workforce optimization tools usually takes weeks or months, as siloed, antiquated systems and tools become combined to increase efficiency. During a long implementation, work can get lost or delayed, resulting in a lag in productivity and accuracy. Contact centers need to be confident that business results will not be impacted during a system change. Slow implementation can also impact agent scheduling, which has downstream effects on wait times and quality of service. 

Today’s contact centers need a 21st-century tool that deploys immediately and efficiently, integrating systems with no downtime to ensure superior customer service and experience.


3. Inaccurate Analytics


Sometimes spikes and lulls can create inaccurate analytics. The success of a contact center hinges on accurate analytics and scheduling. An aging system can produce inaccuracies which translates into scheduling misses, which then affects average handle times, CSAT scores and overall customer experience.

A contact center manager needs accurate analytics and reporting in order to help agents achieve their highest potential. They require tools that produce accurate, actionable reports. 


4. Lack of real-time data


In a contact center, trends can shift on a dime depending on many factors. A contact center needs real-time data on staffing and call volume to achieve maximum productivity. Without real-time access to reporting that evaluates both current and historical trends, it is impossible to operate a contact center as efficiently as possible. Contact center managers need workforce optimization tools with immediate access to real-time reports in order to schedule staff and respond to the customers’ needs. Inefficiencies can cause customer frustration and lowered CSAT scores for the client. Therefore, real-time reporting is crucial in maintaining client satisfaction.


Authority Software: Workforce Solutions that Work


At Authority Software, we understand the challenges of contact centers and we have worked to provide modern Workforce Optimization solutions that will increase efficiency, productivity, and overall satisfaction for contact centers.

We lead with empathy, listening to the needs of contact center managers and developing customized solutions for each unique center. 

We demonstrate authority, with over 20 years of industry experience and veteran Contact center managers to guide us. We deliver a white-glove service that has earned us a 98 percent client retention rate year over year.


Talk to your Contact Center Solutions Provider to develop a plan that’s right for you


When you work with Authority Software, contact centers experience the ease, effectiveness, and scalability of a fully integrated, cloud-based workforce optimization solution that ends frustration and long handle time. 

Don’t spend another day trying to manage an outdated system that continues to deliver siloed, ineffective results. 

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