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Increase revenues and deliver industry-proven value

Expand your product and service offerings when you’re an Authority Software partner. Present and sell industry-proven solutions to strengthen your long-term value to your client base.
Deliver exceptional customer-centric solutions guaranteed to meet the most rigorous call center metrics and goals. Our collaboration and partnership—and our unequaled commitment to your success—delivers unique, cost-effective, scalable and forward-thinking systems to your clients.

When you partner with Authority, you will

  • Answer complex customer requests with confidence
  • Deliver customized systems tailored to your customers
  • Expand your product capabilities and service capacity
  • Open doors to new clients with innovative solutions
  • Gain access to industry subject matter experts
  • Increase your top and bottom line revenues

Competitive margins based on your business model

It’s your business and your customers—we’re your dedicated partner. We’ll share our deep industry knowledge, provide impeccable support, and deliver exceptional resources to expand your business and ensure your clients are well-served.

Value Added Resellers can leverage their range of marketing, sales and support resources to distribute out-of-the-box solutions within existing and new markets.

Technology Vendors and Systems Integrators
can extend the functionality of their platforms to broaden and enhance the features of their own applications.

Independent Consultants and Consulting Firms can recommend and build custom solutions for their customers to optimize business performance

Business Process Outsourcers can increase customer retention with best-in-class solutions and convert their technology assets into new profit centers.

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