Get the most out of your contact center


We work hand-in-hand with you to design a solution that meets your unique requirements.

Our expert training staff are always available to provide insights on customizing your applications and for ongoing training of your staff. You can count on us to answer any of your questions, big or small.

Always Have Support When Needed

We believe in being available not only during your launch, but for ongoing support whenever needed.

Many of our team members have over 20 years of experience working inside call centers with both technology as well as operations and client management.

Strategic planning by highly experienced staff guarantees an efficient launch and a long-term, sustainable increase in call center productivity post implementation.

Project Management

Whether you need basic planning and execution assistance or full project management from beginning to end, Authority Software will ensure your company receives a call center solution customized to your business and processes, implemented with industry best practices in an efficient and timely manner.

By taking advantage of Authority Software’s project management experts, you can focus on providing exceptional customer service.


We provide expertise to ensure your custom call center system integrates seamlessly with your business.

Extensive experience within complex voice and data technology environments. This includes integration to:

  • ERP systems
  • Call center voice technologies
  • Customer support applications
  • Ecommerce systems
  • CRM applications

Regardless of the scale, application, or environment, we will:

  • Bring together disparate data streams
  • Ensure immediate access to all customer information
  • Incorporate legacy systems and existing data
  • Aggregate all pertinent customer information
  • Access all history during each transaction
  • Incorporate single dashboard historical reporting

Need help with your contact center?

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