Quality Management


Improve quality, adherence, and consistence. Retrieve recorded call details at the touch of a key. Enhanced search retrieves dozens or thousands of recording in just a few seconds.


Customize your quality assurance forms to meet your unique business needs. Evaluate agent performance with stored video and audio recordings to improve customer experience.


Gain measurable and actionable insights that drive business decisions. Capture vital data and build reports from multiple sources. Filter based on one or multiple criteria in the database.

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What others say about us

When we switched to Authority Software amid COVID-19 we saw our productivity go up by more than 50%. Even though our inbound calls increased by 80%, we were able to manage the upswing without sacrificing service.

We are able to add new clients in under 24 hours and in our business, that is critical. We can also make changes in scripting immediately as needed as political events unfold with zero agent downtime. Real-time reporting by campaign, agent, and list segment gives us maximum profitability for both our clients and our company.

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