Advanced Outbound List Management

Have an outbound contact center? Want to increase your success rates?

Strategic Campaign Management

  • Increase Contact Success Rates

    Design, develop, and deploy complex strategies to increase contact success rates based on disposition codes, campaigns, geographic location, or any other factos that make sense for your business.

  • Fully Customizable

    Build sophisticated outbound contact strategies in an easy-to-use and fully customizable environment that lets you choose from one or many sets of criteria in the database.

  • Prioritize Contact Records

    Each day, a new list is presented using the Cadence management system so agents are presented with a prioritized list of contacts based on the automation rules you set up so outbound efforts are maximized.

  • Control Outbound Costs

    By generating highly refined and strategically developed lists, outbound contact centers make every dialing dollar count.

Want to see outbound list management in action?

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