Business Continuity Plans During COVID-19 Precautions

We understand this is a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty as we all work together to navigate the current state of the viral outbreak of COVID-19 and the precautions we are all taking to stop the spread. We take the business of our clients very seriously and wanted to take just a few moments to share our plans for continued uptime and support.

We know that you will most likely be experiencing an influx of calls and interactions as your customers seek updates and information. To that end, we want to provide you with some details on our business continuity plans as we work to support your contact centers.


  • Authority Software has been, and continues to be, a geographically distributed remote work environment. All employees are continuing in their efforts to provide you with the very best products, service, and support.
  • We have been in contact with our business partners and expect no service interruptions.
  • Our solutions are exclusively cloud based. Should your staff need to work from home there are no technical restrictions preventing them from doing so. Please reach out to us for support with remote access if there are any questions on this.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us through your regular support channels.

We are continuing to monitor this critical situation and are well positioned to make any changes necessary to adjust to these circumstances.

On behalf of the Authority team, we wish you and your families health and safety during these trying times.

Where We Gather, Amazing Things Happen

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What things will we get to explore this year at Five9’s CX Summit in Las Vegas September 17-19? The big focus – how AI can transform the contact center – and we couldn’t be more excited to join in as a Gold Sponsor for 2019. Tracks and sessions include the future of the contact center, creating extraordinary experiences, and maximizing the contact center.

Not only will you hear from industry experts and leaders, but Authority Software CEO, Lou Mandic, will be talking about the world of Workforce Optimization (without Excel!). In this session, we will cover the real-world possibilities and practices for seamless WFO, look closely at the impact of AI on workforce management, and unpack how it all fits together.

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It’s a big week for the contact center industry as we all gather for the upcoming Customer Contact Week in Las Vegas – and it’s a big week for us too! We are launching our newest offering for workforce management and we will be offering previews of this exciting new module. This application, built from the ground up, is fully integrated with the Authority Center solution and will be generally available in early fall.

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Authority Software Showcase at the ICMI Contact Center Expo

We recently had the pleasure of showcasing Authority Software at the ICMI Contact Center Expo show in Florida. It was a busy few days packed with great conversations and networking with contact center leaders across many industries. One of the many exciting things that took place at the event was that CRMXchange, a long-time leader in covering the contact center technology market, interviewed Authority President & CEO Lou Mandic and featured Authority Software in a new eBook as part of their event coverage.  Take a look to see what you can learn about improving decision-making, monitoring agent performance, redacting protected audio, single relationship records and more — all in the name of a better customer experience!   

Customer Journey

Optimize the Customer Journey as a Whole, Not Touchpoints

Customer Journey

The first step towards improving the ease of your customer’s experience, becoming more customer focused and improving relationships is taking a comprehensive look at your customer’s journey. Customer experience should be at the very center of your business strategy. That said, recent research has shown that your customer can have positive experiences at each touchpoint along the customer journey but still have an overall negative experience. This may seem counterintuitive, but it’s important to consider the journey as a whole and not as a series of individual events.

What is a  Customer “Touchpoint”

A customer touch point occurs any time a customer comes in to contact with your organization. This can include a visit to social media, contacting sales, visiting the website, or receiving print materials. It can also include indirect contact such as an online review that could still influence a person’s opinion of a brand.


How is it Possible for Individual Touchpoints to Go Well but Fail as a Complete Customer Experience?

There are many factors that can influence the customer journey as a whole that are not related to each individual interaction. For example, the sequence of interactions could impact the end results. Or each interaction could be positive, but not be aligned to result in the optimal outcome for the customer.  Improving the customer journey means paying attention to the experience as a whole.


Getting Started

In recent times, the number of touchpoints possible along the customer journey has grown exponentially. New technology is constantly adding touchpoints, from chatbots to smart speakers to even smart watches. The challenge is how to control the ever increasing number of channels, and how to obtain a complete view of the customer journey when it is always changing.   

Before you get started on your analysis, try and create a list of each touchpoint where a customer may have contact with the brand or could be influenced about the brand’s perception. Be sure to ask for input across departments, so no touchpoint is missed. Determine what the biggest pain points are and rank them.


Optimizing the Customer Journey as a Whole

After you have a complete view of your touchpoints, you can begin to step back and take a look at the big picture. How do these channels relate, or come together? How does one touchpoint impact the experience in future touchpoints?  

A Final thing to consider is that the last interaction you have is the most memorable. How can you make that a positive experience? Is there a way to rearrange the journey so the last experience is a positive one?

Call Center Agent

5 Ideas for Improving Quality Score in a Call Center

Call Center Agent

Customer experience management is essential for all call centers. A customer-first call center strategy begins with adopting best practices for measurable improvements of the quality of your customer interactions. Quality scoring is one of the most important methods used to ensure adherence tocall center standards and metrics, which not only improves customer service, but identifies opportunities for training and development. Here are some tips for improving the quality score at your call center.

1. Provide Consistent Feedback to Agents

Consistent feedback to agents helps them to continuously improve and increase their overall contributions to the organization. When providing feedback, it’s a good idea to tie this feedback back to established goals and expectations. It’s important to provide tangible, objective, feedback. This way, your agents aren’t taken by surprise. Some examples of measurable goals are customer satisfaction ratings, call handle time, and first call resolution. Authority Software’s Quality Recording Manager helps call center managers monitor this critical data through interactive dashboards and configurable reports so they can provide helpful feedback to agents.

2. Don’t just focus on agents with low performance stats

Improving the key performance indicators of your lowest performing agents is one of the quickest ways to see improvement in your overall scores and improve customer experience. But there is valuable data to be mined from your high performers, which can be used to identify coaching opportunities as well as to help create best practices for the team.

3. Don’t let technology drive your business processes

Technology solutions need to meet you where you are. In a new call center, technology can be a great tool to help guide you through the development of processes, providing you with some organization and capabilities you may not even have considered. A mature call center with experience and well-established quality processes needs flexibility and a solution that can be used to increase efficiencies. Having a solution that is scalable, can easily integrate into your existing environment and can be completely tailored to enhance your processes without interfering with your production environment is critical.

4. Listen to Your Customers – invest in feedback surveys

No system or process can drive customer experience better than first hand feedback provided directly by your customers. Your customers are the best resource for learning both where you need to improve and where you are succeeding. And a CSAT survey doesn’t have to break the bank. It can be as simple as having your agents ask the customer how they would rate their transaction. But whether the feedback comes through an internal survey, an IVR or a third party CSAT survey provider, owning and incorporating this valuable and relevant data directly into your customer’s record will prove to be a key component in using the voice of your customer to improve the customer experience and create brand loyalists.

5. Refer to External Benchmarks

When evaluating your call center’s performance, it is important to look outside the call center as well. External benchmarking is a way to ensure your company is meeting industry standards and best practices. By comparing your call center against others, especially to industry leaders, you can better evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and use that information to improve. Continuous improvement is driven by an understanding your call center’s paint points. Is your wait time much longer than the industry norm? Are your customers calling you back more frequently than your competitors because their issues are not being resolved efficiently? Regular monitoring of competitive data can help drive performance and increase efficiencies.

Final Thoughts

If you are ready to take the next step towards improving your call center’s performance and exceeding your quality metrics, Authority Software is here to help. We can help implement the right tools to assist you to achieve this goal and guide you along the way with our years of experience in the creation, deployment and use of call center quality solutions that let you focus on improving the experiences of both your agents and your customers.

Using Application

Signs That Your Business Needs to Implement CRM Software

Using Application

Not every business needs a CRM software solution, and the determination for whether or not you need one is not based on company size. It is dependent on a number of things, including the nature of the business, types and complexity of transactions, amount of available data and data sources, and others. For those businesses that do have a need for a CRM, not finding the right solution can be a barrier to continued growth and success.

Efficient CRM software allows you to work smarter by managing customer relationships and other key aspects of your business. If you think that your company may have grown to the point where a CRM would be beneficial, then you can go through the following checklist to decide whether it’s time to take the next step.


It’s Hard to Keep Track of Your Leads

If your business has reached a point where you have more leads than you can manage, then you’re going to need to implement a CRM software solution. Leads bring new revenue and will grow your customer base.

To convert these leads you’re going to need to keep track of who they are, even if you don’t have the time to contact them all at the same time. By using CRM software, you can keep track of potential future clients and perform actions like schedule follow up calls to guide the lead towards a final conversion.

Inefficient spreadsheets or even a paper system of lead tracking can mean that you miss out on opportunities, and you may even lose lead details entirely. Implementing CRM software will reduce the overall effort that is required to keep track of leads, freeing up you and your team to focus on conversions and post-sales support.


You’re Not Capitalizing on Existing Customer Relationships

Do you find yourself unable track customer interactions in an effective way?

Nurturing customer relationships is critical for customer retention, repeat business, and developing customer loyalty. Relationships are formed through information and effective interactions. When your sales and support agents have all necessary information available to them, they’ll be able to have more meaningful interactions with your existing customers.

Implementing a CRM can also provide benefits when dealing with disputes or any other customer issues.


Your Sales Process is Complicated or Lengthy

This is a sign that you are likely very familiar with.

A lengthy sales process requires skillful management. If your sales staff doesn’t have details of the process at every stage, they risk losing opportunities during the conversion process. A CRM can provide a number of benefits, with a primary one being the ability to track every interaction. Consumers can become frustrated when they are given repeat information, asked for the same information multiple times, or when they communicate with staff who have no knowledge of the interaction history.

CRM software can ensure that any of your sales staff can pick up on the sales process, even if it’s their first personal interaction with a prospect.


You Want to Track Important Data to Make Future Business Decisions

Stagnation can lead to underperformance, decreased revenues and dissatisfied customers and staff. Continuous improvement and innovation are elements that the world’s largest and most successful businesses share. To make the right business decisions that allow you to succeed, it’s necessary to have a source of accurate data that is easily accessible. A CRM solution can help in this area.

A CRM will allow your business to record all customer interactions – sales, leads, trouble tickets – whatever is pertinent to your particular business. Information collected can be leveraged to determine areas where your organization can improve, and areas that require investment or changes in process. The data could even be used for developing future products or services.


Become More Efficient with CRM Software Implementation

CRM implementation will benefit businesses of every size, and when properly implemented, it can be a critical tool to help drive success and growth. The right software solution will ensure that your business can stay organized as it grows, and you’ll be able to work smarter while reducing unnecessary tasks.

Protect Customers and Your Business with PCI Redaction

The industry sectors that now receive and process credit card information go beyond those in the financial and retail sectors. If you are engaged in a business that requires your customers to provide credit card information to your agents, you are subject to regulations that protect your business and your customers from pervasive data breaches.

The most comprehensive set of regulations has been put into place by the PCI Security Standards Council, which dictates that for a call center to be PCI compliant, it may not store sensitive authentication data in audio recordings.  This means having a method to avoid recording the audio altogether during the call or establishing an efficient PCI redaction solution that is used for removing credit card information from voice recordings once they have been created. Authority’s patented audio redaction technology guarantees the removal of credit card information from audio recordings, ensuring PCI compliance.

How Authority Software Ensures PCI Redaction

Credit card validation codes should not be stored on call recordings, whether they are stored for a short period, or indefinitely. The storage of validation codes in addition to unique customer information and card numbers, would open up a significant amount of risk for both the company and the customer.

Authority Software offers a PCI redaction system where validation codes and other sensitive data can be redacted from a recording, before it is submitted for storage in accordance with PCI regulations and company policy.

The process is simple and requires no participation from call center agents, which removes the burden of additional training and eliminates the possibility of human error. You do not need to replace your existing call recording solution.  Authority’s PCI redactor can be implemented in conjunction with any call recording application capable of sending audio files, and works with any audio file format.  Sensitive information can be automatically flagged for removal during the call as it is actively being recorded. If this information is not removed from a call before storage for any reason, the relevant portion of the recording can still be removed after the recording has been made.

Audio segments containing sensitive authentication data are not simply deleted, but instead go through a crypto shredding process to ensure that the data cannot be recovered.

This system provides a significant layer of protection to business operators, call center agents, and to credit card holders. The implementation of Authority Software’s PCI Redactor must be a consideration by any business that wants to maintain call center compliance.

Authority Software is a Trusted Leader in Call Center Technology

With Authority Software, you can gain benefits that improve the overall customer experience and service delivery processes. You can lower your costs with a more efficient system, and can promote organic growth through a leaner and better organized workflow. Authority Software helps you to manage customer relationships so that you can create brand loyalty and ongoing goodwill towards your brand.

Protect Your Business Interests and Your Clients in a Digital World

Advancements in technology have undoubtedly made commerce simpler and faster than ever before, however, some of the technologies that make it easier for consumers to do business sometimes raise concerns regarding the privacy of financial and personal information.

Protecting your own business, your staff, and your customers is your responsibility as a business, and the use of Authority Software’s PCI Redactor is one way that you can ensure you are meeting all regulatory requirements.