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How to Migrate Voice-Centric Quality Management to an Omnichannel Contact Center Solution

An omnichannel contact center solution provides superior customer experience over voice-only options. Today’s customers are self-solving, communicate regularly via live chat, and expect seamless customer service when they choose to migrate an issue up to a voice call with a live agent. Voice-centric quality management can only take you part of the way to providing your customers with a fully evolved, integrated, and efficient experience.

While omnichannel contact center solutions are the way of the future, voice-centric contact centers aren’t left entirely in the dust by new wave technology. Over 44% of people surveyed in the U.S. still prefer phone or voice as their primary customer service channel. So investing in voice calls is still a viable approach, but with live chat being a close second favorite, it should not be your only approach.

AI has Improved Quality Management for Voice-Centric Contact Centers.

Speech analytics is a method of using artificial intelligence to analyze spoken language. Businesses can use this technology to help improve their quality management processes by identifying patterns and trends in customer feedback.

This type of AI can help identify areas where customers are experiencing problems. By analyzing customer feedback, businesses can pinpoint specific issues and then take steps to address them. This can result in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Speech analytics can also be used to monitor employee performance. By analyzing recorded calls, businesses can identify employees who may need more training or coaching to improve their performance. This can help companies ensure that their employees provide the best possible service to customers. To learn more about improving your company’s CX by enhancing your quality management, download Authority Software’s Quality Management guide from DMG Consulting LLC.

What is an Omnichannel Contact Center?

An Omni-channel Contact Center Solution is a complete customer service and support solution that enables businesses to provide seamless customer experiences across all channels, including voice, chat, email, social media, and more.

With an Omni-channel Contact Center Solution, businesses can take a holistic approach to customer service, unifying all customer interactions into a single view. This allows businesses to get a complete picture of the customer journey, identify issues and pain points, and deliver consistent, personalized experiences across all channels.

Omnichannel Contact Center Solution and Quality Management

An Omni-channel Contact Center Solution should deliver powerful quality management capabilities. With this solution in place, businesses can record and review all customer interactions, identify trends and problems, and take action to improve the overall quality of the customer experience. The efficiencies of automation that come with AI for quality management greatly solidify team cohesion and communication between tiers of management. This allows the company to operate more fully as a collective entity rather than a collection of departments. Read more about how digital strategies can improve your CX. 

Resolve issues quickly and improve the overall customer experience with an omnichannel solution. Digital channels are more flexible and scalable, so you can easily add or remove seats as needed. In addition, an omnichannel approach is a primary way for your company to develop into a unified contact center solution.

Overall, an Omni-channel Contact Center Solution can help businesses provide a better customer experience, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce operating costs. This solution is ideal for businesses that want to deliver support across all channels and improve their quality management processes.


Migrating from solely voice-centric to an omnichannel contact center opens up a myriad of options for contact centers to increase productivity and improve customer experience. Utilizing the technology, enhanced feedback, and teamwork of a properly run and automated voice-centric solution, an even more efficient omnichannel contact center should be a breeze. 

So if you’re looking to improve your quality management process, an omnichannel contact center solution is the way to go. Schedule a demo today to discuss your options.

Key Takeaways

  • With an Omni-channel Contact Center solution, call centers can solve issues more efficiently and improve the overall customer experience. 
  • AI can be used to strengthen and deliver more targeted analytics to drive better customer experiences.
  • Speech analytics can help monitor employee performance and identify areas of improvement with additional training or coaching. 
  • Omnichannel Contact Center solutions help provide seamless customer experiences across all channels, including voice, chat, email, social media, and more.




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How Digital Initiatives are Driving Innovation in Contact Center Quality Management

Just as businesses have moved their operations online, the contact center industry is undergoing a digital transformation. This shift, driven by advancements in technology, makes it easier for customers to communicate with companies through various channels. One of the most important drivers of innovation in contact center quality management is the ever-growing volume of customer interactions. Contact centers now handle more calls, chats, and emails than ever before. This makes it impossible to manually review every single interaction. To keep up with this change and meet the rising expectations of customers, contact center managers turn to innovative digital initiatives for quality management improvements. 

Automated quality monitoring tools help contact centers keep pace with this growth by automatically recording and analyzing customer interactions. This enables contact centers to identify and address quality issues in near-real-time, rather than waiting for a manual review process. An automated process improves customer satisfaction, reduces operational costs, and drives continuous improvement. Quality management tools work in conjunction with other services such as workforce management to help organizations achieve excellence in customer service. Providers like Authority Software offer services designed to work cohesively together. 

Artificial Intelligence in Contact Center Quality Management

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more prevalent, businesses explore new ways to implement it into their operations. AI technology is becoming invaluable in contact center quality management, especially in supporting unified contact center solutions. Machine learning technologies help develop new quality monitoring and measurement tools, providing more accurate and actionable insights. By automating tasks like monitoring agent performance and handling customer complaints, AI technology helps ensure that your contact center delivers the best possible customer experience.

Forbes predicts that “in 2022, we’ll see an increase in adoption of AI to augment agent performance, automate quality management, and deliver more proactive care.”

AI-powered voice analytics can automatically identify and flag interactions with high emotional stress levels. Contact center managers can then take steps to address the issue. This ZDnet article references this new tech “sentiment analysis” as able to identify “changes in emotion and behavior during interactions with customers,” which points toward improving future customer experience. Machine learning can identify patterns in customer interactions that indicate a potential quality issue. By leveraging these cutting-edge technologies, contact centers can stay ahead of the curve and improve customer service quality.

Impacts on Employee Training

Digital initiatives also drive changes in the way contact centers train their agents. In the past, contact center agent training primarily focused on product knowledge and efficient call handling. However, with the increasing importance of customer experience, contact centers now emphasize training agents on delivering exceptional customer service. Contact center quality cannot be improved without first improving the quality of agent-customer interactions. Upgrade your overall customer experience within cloud-based contact centers with these tips

Impact on Traditional Monitoring

Digital initiatives also help contact centers move away from traditional quality monitoring methods, such as mystery shopping, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Instead, contact centers increasingly turn to digital tools and technologies, such as interaction analytics, providing more accurate and actionable contact center quality monitoring. Migrating to new systems can be challenging. For advice on a smooth transition read, How to Easily Integrate Unified Contact Center Solutions with Current Operations

By automating contact center processes and leveraging data and analytics, businesses can improve the overall quality of customer interactions. Digital transformation helps contact centers identify and address process weaknesses that impact quality. For example, if a contact center uses an outdated CRM system, it may be challenging to track and manage customer data effectively. As a result, contact center agents may not have access to the information they need to provide quality service. By investing in a new CRM system, the contact center can overcome this challenge and improve its overall performance. Consulting with the experts at Authority Software provides insight into potential improvements for your call center.

How do digital strategies connect with contact center quality management?

Contact centers can more effectively manage quality assurance programs by automating processes and collecting data. Digital tools can help identify training and development needs while optimizing contact center operations.

Digital strategies help contact centers track and measure customer satisfaction levels. By understanding customer sentiment, contact centers can make necessary adjustments to improve the customer experience. Digital technologies help contact centers transform the way they manage quality and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Let us help you

Looking for a contact center quality management solution? Visit Authority Software today! We offer a comprehensive suite of quality management tools that can help your contact center improve its operations and deliver an exceptional customer experience.


Key Takeaways

  • The increase in contact center call volume necessitates automated processes in order to provide quality customer service.
  • Customer experience is the key indicator of top brands and so is a top priority in training. Using AI and digital strategies helps assist in the training process.
  • Digital tools like interaction analytics provide more accurate and actionable contact center quality monitoring, which saves time and money.
  • Monitoring the quality of customer interaction is simplified with automated systems, allowing energy to focus on improvements and growth.
How to Easily Integrate Unified Contact Center Solutions with Current Operations-Authority Software

How to Easily Integrate Unified Contact Center Solutions with Current Operations

Contact center managers and operating officers face the simultaneous challenge of delivering superior customer service while dealing with legacy systems and bolted-on solutions. These aging and pieced-together solutions are not only inefficient but add complexity to providing excellent customer service, causing frustration and challenges for both customers and employees alike. Learn how implementing a unified contact center solution can solve these issues and boost efficiency.

As your business grows, you need a WFO solution that scales with the needs of the business. Yet, many companies may worry that a fully-integrated, customized, and easy-to-navigate WFO solution that scales to the growth and budget of your company is out of their reach. Unified contact center solutions can help businesses increase productivity while delivering proactive and personalized customer experiences, ultimately improving customer relations. At Authority Software, we provide the expertise to ensure your call center systems integrate seamlessly with your business, supporting the customer success journey.

Why do you need unified contact center solutions?

Unified contact center solutions provide agents with everything they need in a single, integrated desktop when tools and services are combined under one system. These unified solutions help businesses increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Outdated and Complex Systems Waste Time and Resources

A WFO solution shouldn’t cause frustration and challenges for customer success teams, but when teams have to maneuver through various cobbled together solutions, that’s precisely what happens. The bottom line is that siloed solutions may be negatively impacting your business, wasting time, reducing productivity, and hindering your ability to perform tasks at a satisfactory level. The most common challenges associated with navigating outdated solutions include a lack of flexibility, complexity, reduced productivity, and low customer satisfaction. 

Lack of Flexibility: Contact centers need a flexible solution that can increase efficiency; yet, due to outdated and complex solutions, many contact centers cannot easily add new functionality or scale their environment to meet growing business needs. 

Complexity: Primarily the result of technology barriers, trying to consolidate data and information from disparate systems is difficult, time-consuming, and may result in information that is incomplete or unreliable. 

Reduced Productivity: When outdated systems cause agents to have incomplete or compromised customer data, customers get frustrated, and contact center agents’ productivity is severely limited. Agent productivity is hindered further if they navigate between numerous systems to serve customers. Over time, these seconds and minutes add up to significant reductions in a contact center’s productivity and negatively impact a company’s bottom line.  

Low Customer Satisfaction: Customers want personalized experiences. They expect companies to remember their preferences and deliver seamless customer interactions. Unfortunately, siloed systems frequently force customers to repeat information and lead to a slow and frustrating experience, resulting in decreased customer satisfaction. 

Unified Contact Center Solutions Deliver an Enhanced Experience  

Contact centers need modern workforce optimization (WFO) solutions to increase efficiency, productivity, and overall satisfaction. Unified contact center solutions are easy to use, reduce complexity, and are fully scalable to meet your organization’s needs. These solutions deliver valuable intelligence for accurate forecasting and scheduling, balancing the needs of both customers and contact center employees while also saving time, money, and resources.

Unified contact center solutions from Authority Software can:

  • Bring together disparate data streams
  • Ensure immediate access to all customer information
  • Incorporate legacy systems and existing data
  • Aggregate all pertinent customer information
  • Access all history during each transaction
  • Incorporate single dashboard historical reporting

Implementing a unified solution in your contact center can produce measurable benefits for your business, providing contact center teams and their leaders with vital data and actionable insights that drive business decisions. When agents have easy access to everything they need to do their job, they can shift their attention from navigating systems to more fully focusing on customers and providing them with an enhanced customer experience. 

With extensive experience within complex voice and data technology environments, Authority Software provides the expertise to ensure your unified contact center solutions integrate seamlessly with your business. This includes integration to:

  • ERP systems
  • Call center voice technologies
  • Customer support applications
  • Ecommerce systems
  • CRM applications

At Authority Software, we understand the challenges of contact centers, and we have worked to provide a fully-integrated, unified solution. A suitable contact center solution from Authority Software is agile and flexible to meet your customers’ needs throughout their journey; it is easy to deploy and backed by a team of WFO professionals.

Delivering superior customer service depends on unified contact center solutions.

Exceed customer expectations with a fully integrated, customized, and easy-to-navigate WFO solution that can help drive business efficiency and speed of service. Authority Software can help businesses increase productivity profitability and lead them to success.

Learn what’s possible with AI-enabled workforce management.

Key Takeaways

  • Unified contact center solutions are easy to use, reduce complexity, and are fully scalable to meet your organization’s needs.
  • Implementing a unified solution in your contact center can produce measurable benefits for your business.
  • Unified contact center solutions can help businesses increase productivity and improve customer relations.
  • Authority Software provides a fully integrated, unified solution that is agile, flexible, easy to deploy, and backed by a team of WFO professionals.