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How to Migrate Voice-Centric Quality Management to an Omnichannel Contact Center Solution

An omnichannel contact center solution provides superior customer experience over voice-only options. Today’s customers are self-solving, communicate regularly via live chat, and expect seamless customer service when they choose to migrate an issue up to a voice call with a live agent. Voice-centric quality management can only take you part of the way to providing […]

Is Your Unified Contact Center Solution Digital-First? | Authority Software

Customers today prefer to self-solve any issue, and calling the contact center is the last option most will try. However, they expect short wait times and an efficient solution to their problem when they do. Having customer information from all available sources readily available for agents allows for a smooth experience. When a conversation can […]

How Digital Initiatives are Driving Innovation in Contact Center Quality Management

Just as businesses have moved their operations online, the contact center industry is undergoing a digital transformation. This shift, driven by advancements in technology, makes it easier for customers to communicate with companies through various channels. One of the most important drivers of innovation in contact center quality management is the ever-growing volume of customer […]

How the Pandemic Changed Healthcare Contact Centers & Video Redaction Services

The pandemic prompted a significant shift in how individuals sought healthcare, with surging numbers of patients utilizing modern technology to communicate with healthcare providers. As a result, healthcare contact centers have come to play a foundational role in healthcare customer service, which impacts their quality management of video redaction.  Healthcare contact centers are critical for […]

Give Your WFM Supervisor Tools for Success: 3 Challenges Faced by Contact Centers this Year

The complexities of efficiently managing a contact center, and delivering superior customer service, have become significantly more complicated recently. Contact centers face a distributed and remote workforce, a new generation of agents, and rapidly changing operational requirements and digital transformation. This makes the role of a WFM supervisor that much more challenging to overcome these […]

How to Easily Integrate Unified Contact Center Solutions with Current Operations

Contact center managers and operating officers face the simultaneous challenge of delivering superior customer service while dealing with legacy systems and bolted-on solutions. These aging and pieced-together solutions are not only inefficient but add complexity to providing excellent customer service, causing frustration and challenges for both customers and employees alike. Learn how implementing a unified […]

Use Your Workforce Optimization Tools to Transform Efficiency and Retention

Managing a contact center has become significantly more complicated due to inefficient technologies, increased customer expectations, and rising employee burnout. While a contact center’s purpose is to deliver quick and efficient service, doing so becomes a challenge when your contact center software isn’t fully integrated. Workforce optimization tools improve the efficiency, productivity, and performance of […]

Signs Your Workforce Optimization Software is Ready to Retire

Technology, including workforce optimization software, plays a significant role in the success of your business. From helping you improve the customer experience to ensuring you have the right employees scheduled at the right time, workforce optimization software (WFO) is critical for operational efficiency. Replacing outdated technology can be an opportunity to embrace change and provide […]

How to Deliver Superior Customer Service with Solutions for the Virtual Contact Center

The most important aspect of a business is satisfied customers. Superior customer service in a virtual contact center is more than simply delivering a product or service on time; it’s about making life easier for consumers and anticipating their needs.  Successful businesses do more than merely offer customers a product or service; what they really […]

A Guide to Contact Center Forecasting & Workforce Management

Maximizing your Contact Center Forecasting Starts by Understanding the Laws of Supply and Demand.   When measuring your contact center forecasting success, it’s easy to get caught up in reaching service and financial goals, forgetting the need to keep staffing costs down. One of the most common challenges facing workforce managers is balancing the two. Many […]